1. I have been to Paris
2. She has done it -oznajmiające
Have you been to Australia ??
odp: Yes, I have albo No, I haven't
Has she eaten sushi ????
odp: Yes, she has albo No, I hasn't
They haven't done it yet
He hasn't opened the present yet
I've finished a long book from Polish - Skończyłam długą ksiązkę z polskiego
I've bought new car - kupiłam nowy samochód
Have you been to Paris?- Czy byłaś w Paryżu
She hasn't got book for 2 days - ona nie ma książki od 2 dni
Have we gone to the cinema?
:D Więcej zdanek mogę podać na pw.. :)
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Zdania twierdzące:
I have lived in Nowy Sącz for seven years.
I have invited Peter to the party .
Mum has cooked dinner
Albert has already bought milk.
Mum has already cooked lunch.

Zdania przeczące:
My brother hasn't emptied the bin yet.
Mum hasn't washed the floor yet.
My sister hasn't watered the plants yet .

Zdania pytające:
Have you ever flown in an aeroplane? No, I haven't
Have you ever given money to charity?
Have you ever eaten snails?
Have you ever won a prize?
Have you ever seen a live band?
Have you ever met a famous person?
Have you ever visited another country?
Have you ever broken your leg?