Zaznacz właściwą odpowiedź.
1.A:Excuse me. You"re standing on my foot.
B: a) I beg you pardon?
b) Thank you so much.
2. A: Wolud you mind holiding the door open, please?
B: a) Not all.
b) You"re welcome.
3. A:Please, let me help you carry your bags.
B: a) Excuse me.
b)That"s very kind of you.
4. A: Would you mind turning the music down, please?
B:a) never mind.
b) Of course.
5. A: Oh,no! I"ve spilt coffee on your skirt.
B: a)It doesn"t matter.
b) Do you really think so?



1. b) thank you so much
2. b)
3. a)
5. a)