Get up

I have to get up every day at 7.

have a shower

I have a shower after breakfast.

get dressed

I have to get dressed until 5.

have breakfast

I have breakfast at 7:30.

go to school

I go to school everyday by bus.

have lunch

I have lunch at school.

go home

I go home at 2.

watch TV

I watch TV for one hour every day.

tidy your room

You have to tidy your room.

make dinner

I have to make dinner for 8pm.

meet your friends

I will meet my friends at 4.

go to bed

I go to bed at 10.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I get up at 7 o'clock. At first I have a shower. Next I get dressed and eat my breakfast . At 7 : 45 I go to school with my friends. After I have lunch . At 2 p.m I go back home. After I make a dinner . Next I must tidy my room. At 5 p.m I watch tv. After I meet my friends . And sometihg about 9 p.m I go to my bed
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