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I get up at 6 am.
Next I have shower and I get dressed. After few minutes I have a delicious breakfast and I go to school in which I have lunch. At 15 o'ckock I go home. Than I watch my favourite TV serial ''tytuł''. Hour later i tidy my room and make dinner for my parents (it's kind of suprice for them). At 18 pm I meet my friend, we love spend time together! At 22 o'clock I go to bed.

mam nadzieje, że pomogłam :))
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Every day I get up at 7 o'clock. At 7.30 I have a shower, then I get dressed. My mom make me tee and I have breakfast. At 7.50 I goto school with my friend. At 11 o'clock I have lunch. At 14.00 I go back home. In my free time I watch some films in TV. At 16 o'clock I tidy my room, becouse I didn't had time for this. At 17 o'clock my mother make a dinner for our family. At 17. 40 I meet my friends and we all going to play basketball. At 22 o'clock I am very tired so I go to bed.

I hope it's good ; )
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In te morning I'm get up from bed. Next I have a shower and I dressed up. After dressed I have a breakfast and next, I go to school. In the school i hace a lunch and I talk to my friends. When lesson finished I go home. In home i watching Tv. After TV Im must tidy my room. After my mother make dinnef for me. After dinner I go back to meet my friends. Next I'm go to the bed . I very like that day.

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