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Bonfire Night on November 5th celebrates the attempt by Guy Fawkes to destroy the Houses of Parliament in 1605. Most people make their own 'guy' to burn out of clothes but in Lewes, a town in East Sussex, the town decides on one 'evil' person to burn each year. We make a giant 'guy' and walk through the streets with flaming torches. Last year it was the government minister who wants to introduce ID cards to Britain! In Britain, we've never had to carry identification and not many people want to start now!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.In which year was the minister?
In the last year. which day and month it is celebrated?
celebrated on November 5,

3. And in which year?
in 1605.

4. With what is it about the streets?
with flaming torches.

Where we did not have to carry identification?
In the United Kingdom.
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