I think that in future everything will change for the better, however i don't know what and how.
I am very curious how it will look for bodybuilding 100 years further if the competition will be the preferred weight is a big fear to think what if the monsters will be. But who knows can and will change in August will be a more slender silhouette on top;);) heh xd
maybe cars will fly...I wish this was, because I have never flew...this is my dream.
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In the future, cars will fly.
in the future people will be much richer
in the future, the tree will be felled
animals in the future will tell
will in the future, you can manipulate weather
in the future children will not have to walk to school every day
in the future, parents will not have to go to work
in the future money will grow on trees
in the future, we will not have to learn
in the future we will be able to operate its growth
animals in the future will speak with a human voice
in the future will not eat
in the future Earth burned
in the future we will be able to read minds
in the future we will inhabit another planet