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perfect house :
- There are 6 rooms , the kitchen and 2 bathrooms.
- There is swimming pool, becouse I like swimmning.
- There is a big balcony with nice vista.
- There is pretty garden with beautiful flowers .
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This is my dream house . I like it . There are three rooms, a bathroom, hall and kitchen. There isn't a dining room, because we eat in the living room. Upstairs there are my bedroom, barhroom and my parents' room. In my room there are a bed, a carpet, a chair, a table, and a computer. The computer is on the table. In the bathroom there are a bath, a washbasin and a washingt machine. There isn't a shelf. In my parents' bedroom there are two carpets, a wardrobe and a big bed. Downstairs there are the kitchen. a hall and a living room. In the kitchen there are a fridge, a cooker and schelves. In the hall there are stairs. And in the living room there are a sofa, an armachair, a televishion set, a carpet, a shelf and a stero. The stereo is on the self.

dostałam za to ocene cel :)))
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