1. Przyjrzyj się tekstom zapisanym niżej. Oceń, czy są to wiadomość, czy pytania kwizowe. Czy znasz odpowiedzi na te pytania?
I want to make a pizza tonight. Please go and buy some tomatoes, some ham and some cheese.
Thank you
b)Do you think a satsuma is a type of fruit, a type of vegetable or a type of fish?
c)Is Pascal Brodnicki from English, France or Italy?
Please put the food in the mierowave, tidy up the kitchen and take the rubbish out.
2.Wykorzystując wzór z zadania 1.,Napisz:
a)a message to your brother/sister telling him/her to do three different jobs at home.
b)a quiz question about kutia.
c)a note to your friend giving him/her a list of things to buy for a party.
d)a quiz question about a type of food or drink.
e)a note telling your parents that you want to help them shopping.
f)a quiz question about an important date in the history of Poland.
Poprosiłabym o zrobienie 2 zadanie z góry dziękuje:****



A) wiadomość
b) Quiz, it is a fruit
c)Quiz, france
c2) message
2. Paul
I had to go to grandma to buy some fruits, so please, can you wash the dishes, clean all mirrors at home and prepare breakfast
- What do you think the kutia is: kind of see plant? another kind of cucamber? or mayby kind of extraordinary polish meal?
3. Man I didn't have enought time to buy all stuff we need tommorow, so please buy some orange juise, crisps, raisins and three chickens. Thanks!
- try to guess what bloody mary is? - legendary wife of Karol the Great? - female executor? - kind of spicy drink?

mum and dad
I will be sooner at home today so I will have more free time and I can help you with the shopping please call me to confirm it.

the 11.11.1918 is the date when:
- kriegsmarine warsheep Shleswig- holstein started to shoot Westerplatte?
- third slesian up rising begun?
- poland started to be free country?

ło chopie.... Będę wdzięczny za dobrą ocenę;p