1. Przyjrzyj się tekstom zapisanym niżej. Oceń, czy są to wiadomość, czy pytania kwizowe. Czy znasz odpowiedzi na te pytania?
I want to make a pizza tonight. Please go and buy some tomatoes, some ham and some cheese.
Thank you
b)Do you think a satsuma is a type of fruit, a type of vegetable or a type of fish?
c)Is Pascal Brodnicki from English, France or Italy?
Please put the food in the mierowave, tidy up the kitchen and take the rubbish out.
2.Wykorzystując wzór z zadania 1.,Napisz:
a)a message to your brother/sister telling him/her to do three different jobs at home.
b)a quiz question about kutia.
c)a note to your friend giving him/her a list of things to buy for a party.
d)a quiz question about a type of food or drink.
e)a note telling your parents that you want to help them shopping.
f)a quiz question about an important date in the history of Poland.
Poprosiłabym o zrobienie 2 zadanie z góry dziękuje:****



a. wiadomość.
b. pytanie quizowe.(fruit)
c. pytanie quizowe.(France)
d. wiadomość

a. Kate
I'm at Mark's. Please do the vacuuming, dishwashing and shopping. I'll be back around 4pm.
<your name>
b. In which country - Poland, Czech Republic or Ukraine - is kutia NOT a traditional dish? (ans. Czech Rep.)
c. Anders
We need to buy for the party:
3 bottles of orange juice
2 packages of sweets
1 chocolate cake
2 vegetarian pizzas
5 packages of cookies
45 cans of beer :D
<your name>
d. Lefse is usually served in:
* Sweden
* Finland
* Norway
* Denmark
(ans. Norway)
e. Mum and Dad
I want to help you in shopping this evening. I&#39;ll be waiting for you near the supernarket around 7pm.
<your name>

e. Poland was baptised in:
(ans. 966)

- Inferno
PS Przypominam o możliwości uznania odp za najlepszą ;)

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