Wakacje spędziłem w Augustowie. Byłem tam u wujka i cioci. Augustów to stare miasto. Powstało ono w 1557 roku. Razem z Mateuszem, moim bratem ciotecznym chodziliśmy po placu Zygmunta Augusta. Zwiedzaliśmy najciekawsze zabytki tego miasta. Na basenie byliśmy 3 razy. Chodziliśmy również na plaży. Opaliłem się. W Augustowie spędziłem tylko było świetnie. Już wiem gdzie jadę na następny rok.

Holidays spent in Augustow. I was there with my uncle and aunt. Augustow is an old city. It was founded in 1557. Together with Matthew, my first cousin went to the square of Sigismund Augustus. We visited the most interesting monuments of the city. We were at the pool 3 times. Also walked on the beach. Opaliłem be. The Augustow only was well spent. I know where I'm going for next year.
My holidays was full of spontaneous trips. It was best holiday ever ! But lets start from begining. My first trip was to The Tatra Mountains, i was there with my hilarious friends. Because of fact that we were living 5 km from Zakopane city, we had some troubles with transport, but actually, it was pretty fun when we were asking everyone about the way we should go. People there are so different, they were very pleased to us. First day we went to a termal pool, so we could relax, also we had beautiful view for mountains. After that we went to best known pub in there, we ate typicall montane dishes. Nex day was really exciting ! We went to a river, bought ticket, by the way, the line was sooo long, that we stayed there an about 2 hours, but it was worth. Then we flow down the river, we were rafting there an about 3 hours, it was fun. But enough about the mountains, my next trip was to the capital. In Warsaw i saw many famous people, with one of them i talked by minutes. I saw every monuments so it was very intensive a few days. It was time for party too, one evening we went to a club, met some cool people, they had really interesting views of life. I feel expirenced now, maybe more polished. Like i said on the strat it was very intensive and good holidays, if i could i would repeat it.
p.s. to już 3 taki temat tu więc mam gotowe op. ^^