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Dear Ivan
Thank you for your letter. We are very happy that you are coming to stay with us in august, and we are sure you will have a good time.
What time are you arriving at gatwick airport? You can get a train to Brighton from there. Do you have a mobile phone? Then you can phone us when you are on the train, and we will meet you at the station.
Could you also tell me a few more things about yourself? Is there anything you can't eat or drink? Do you smoke? Do you want a single room, or do you prefer to share room with another student? Are you going to go back Russia immediately after the end of the course? If not, hom many more days are you going to stay with us?
Looking forward to hearing from you
Best wishes
Jane Sansers
PS. I'm sending you a photo of the family so you'll recognize us at the station.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Jane,

thanks for Your solicitude. Probably I will get Gatwick Airport at 10 a.m, in 2nd of August. I have a mobile phone and I'm going to call You as soon as I'll arrive.
About your questions, I don't smoke, I can eat everything You would prepare for me. I'd rather preffer to have a single room 'cause I'm not too sociable. Anyway, if it was a problem, I would share a room with another student. I'm going to return to Russia immediately after the course but I'm sure it will be a good experience for a future.

Greetings, Ivan Kryachenko
I'm ariving an airport in 22 May at 15:00 am.Sure in can get train for station to Brighton.I have mobile phone my number is :66643124 I can callypu when im on the way.Im normal 17 then boy,I can eat and drinkall foot.I dont smoke and im prefer to share room with other student.I dont like bored.After and of course in dont back Russia,im want say with us 3-4 day more.
Mam nadzieje ze pomoglam jak sa male blady to popraw ok ??;*