1. Fresh air (czyste powietrze)
2. Silence (cisza)
3. Peace (spokój)
4. Without pollutants (bez zanieczyszczeń)
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As everything else, living in a city has advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, when you live in a city, you have everything nearby . You don't need to care about money, because there are many job offers, and if you have extra qualifications, you should have a better chance of finding a well-paid job. In a city people have a bigger choice of schools and universities which means they can get necessary qualifications easier. The best advantage for young people is probably an (and not only for young) entertainment. There are loads of discos, cinemas, monuments, museums and so on.

What about disadvantages? It’s loud in a city. You must breathe a polluted air and apartments are quite expensive (especially in a city centre). The biggest problem is that you may come across unkind neighbours. Nowadays many teenagers living in cities have a tendency to commit crimes which means that it is much more dangerous for you and your children to live there.

Countryside is the best place to rest after a day of hard work. These days so many people move to countryside because they are tired of hustle and bustle. If you want to relax and you prefer calm areas , countryside is the best solution for you. You can also enjoy exploring the terrain around you.
Lets move on to disadvantages. The fact is that most of the countryside inhabitants are poor (najprościej tak to napisać). The other thing is everyone knows each other. You may become a victim of some unpleasant gossips. It's true that if you live in a crowded place nobody will disturbe you. However, when you need some immediate help there might be no one you can count on. Moreover, public communication fails quite often there.

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The village life is better, because:
- there are no this many pollutants
- it is more quiet
- it is possible to admire the nature
- it is more safely

Życie na wsi jest lepsze, ponieważ:
- nie ma tylu zanieczyszczeń
- jest ciszej
- można podziwiać przyrodę
- jest bezpieczniej
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