1. Think about your favourite TV programme. Make notes to answer the questions.

1. What is the title of the programme ?
2. What type of programme is it?
3. Why do you like it?
4. What happens in the programme?
5. Who is your favourite character?

Obojętnie jaki film ;p. 50 pkt !



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My favourite programme is "Brzydula". It's a comedy in seasons series. I like watch it, beacuse there always happen something and I can't stop watch it! It's funny, full of love and intrigues. I watch it every- day from Monday to Friday, after every episode I can't wait when will be next. In this programme Ula Cieplak is a director in a big firm FD, but before that she was only assistent in the same firm. Now she meets with Piotr, but she has got something to Marek. She all the time love him, but she hasn't time for think about it, she must save the firm, beacuse Paulina and Aleks want to plunge this firm.
My favourite character is Ula. She is smart, inteligient and now she is beauty ;)... beacuse earlier she wasn't. I like this programme very much ;)

mam nadzieję, że tyle może być ;)
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