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Adam goes to an international school in Mexico. The teachers speak English and Spanish, but they use English in the classroom. He goes to school with his two brothers, Jonathan and David.After school they play football.
4) What-----



Where Jonathan and his brothers go to school?
Adam and his brothers go to school in Mexic
What Jonathan do after school
He plays football
How many brothers have Adam
He has got 2 brothers
Who is adam's brothers?
Jonathan and David is Adam's Brothers
Does Adam speak English in Classroom?
Yes he does
Does Adam speak Spanish in classroom?
No he doesn't
1) Does Adam goes with his two brothers?
Yes, he does
2) Do they play basketball after school?
No they don't
3) Who does go to school in Mexico?
Adam goes to school in Mexico
4) What languages do teachers speak?
Teachers speak English and Spanish
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