Dear Alex!

Hi! In this letter I would like to describe my school.
I go to school for five days every week. I usually have six or seven lesson everyday. There are breaks between lesson. I learn 12 subjects. My school is very big and it have got a gym. There is swimming pool also. We swim on PE lessons. In Poland going to school is very inportant, becouse in the future it will be easier to find good job. We get marks: from one to six. There are also cometitions in our school. We have to do homework everyday and learn to test and to answer the teacher's questions. We learn four languages (including Polish) - English, Russiam and Germany. I hope you'll describe your school in next letter.
Best wishes - [Twoje imię]


opowiem ci o mojej szkole...
są tam dwa budynki a i b
ja uczę się w budynku b w którym jest sekretariat,
kserownia,piwnica na makulaturę i pokój nauczycielski
nasza szkoła jest zwariowana ale ją za to lubię