Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Well,I agree that there's a need to regulate smoking in public places,because non-smokers often feel assaulted by secondhand smoke.Their clothes and hair stink,their throats get sore and ayes hurt.After all,public places by definition belong to and serve everyone.If you ask me ,there should be separate smoke-free and smoke-friendly areas.
In pubs and restaurants,for instance,there should be separate rooms for smokers and non-smokers.They might even have separate entrances ,but they'd still be thev some places ,with the same music and menus.If a pub is too small to be divided .it should declare whether it's smoke-free or smoke-friendly ,and workers would have to make a decision whether to sign a conctract or leave.
I think that work places should have well-ventilated smoke-friendly rooms and the employees could check out for a ten minute cigarette break twice a day.Non -smokers waste a lot of time at work,too,surfing the internet or calling their friends.However,placxes where we only spend some time,like town halls ,bus stops,or shopping vcentres,should be smoke-free.Everyone should be able to pass a few minutes away without a smoke.In this way ,a moderate vban would make the lives of anti-tobacco compaigners easier,and it wouldn't make an evening at va pub a torture for those who enjoy smoking.
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