W języku angielskim opisz swój wymarzony dom.uwzględnij: lokacje(nad morzem, w górach, w mieście)ilość pokoi(2+kuchnia i łazienka), atmosfere w domu(przytulny, przestronny, mały, duży itp.) na zewnątrz(ogród, basen) i umeblowanie (co jest w jakim pokoju nie trzeba dokładnie gdzie co stoi)...

prosze o pomoc;))



My dream house

The house that I dream of is by the sea. It has got two rooms with a bathroom and a kitchen.Outside this house there is a huge garden with a lot of flowers and fruit trees. It also have a small swiming pool.
In the kitchen there is a fridge and microwave. In the bathroom there is a jacuzzi. In first room which is a dining room there is a big table with the chairs. In the second room there is a tv-it`s a "tv room".
The atmosphere of this house is very friendly and nice. It`s beutifully furnitured and it`s big.
If i had a house like this I would be very happy.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I live in a house in .... There are four bedrooms and a garden. Downstairs, when you go through the front door, you are in the hall. On the left is the sitting room, on the right is the dining room. In the front of you there is the kitchen. Upstairs there are four bedrooms, my parent`s bodroom is at the front of the house, above the sitting room, and it`s got a balcony. My bedroom is above the kitchen. There is a bathroom upstairs. It isn`t as big as the bedrooms. We`ve got two bathrooms, one upstair and one downstairs. I really like your room because we are in it all the things you need to learn and where I can really relax. It is very comfortable, warm, cozy and, above all. From the window you can see my yard and road.