Ask and answer the questions.
1.Can you name any national Parks in Poland?
2.What are they like? Describe the parks.- 4 zdania
3.What activities do people do there? -4 zdania
Bardzo was proszę niech mi ktoś przetłumaczy i napisze (w 2 i 3 mają być 4 zdania i to ma być o jednym parku coś takiego jak wypracowanie tylko tyle że krótsze). BŁAGAM POMÓŻCIE!!!!!!!!!!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. National Parks in Poland includePieniny National Park and Tatra National Park. These are just two of twenty-three parks in Poland. In my work I will describe the Tatra National Park.
I chose this park because it is not only a UNESCO biosphere reserve but mainly find myself in the Tatras - My Favorite Mountains. Was created from 1954 and its location is in Zakopane. In this park we see the Valley of Five Lakes, spring gentian and alpine marmot. Around 2 milions people visit the Tatra National Park in one year. This does not surprise me, because this park is amazing. When we visit we find him closer to nature, which many of us like and learn many interesting things about it!