Temat: Szkoła moich marzeń - MINIMUM STRONA A5
!! Proszę o rozwiązanie zadania przez kogoś, kto naprawdę zna jęz. angielski, a nie używa tłumacza itp. W ZDANIACH PROSZĘ UŻYĆ KILKU CZASÓW !!
Mile widziane realne propozycje dotyczące szkoły oraz przyjemny, rozszerzony język ;)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Today the school is not only a passion for students, but also for teachers. I have the impression that both sides come here out of necessity, although it might not all. This is our school, and I hope that this will change. And here is my suggestion.

Children przychodziłyby lessons from 8 to 1100 and ended in classes between 1200 and 14 In this school, students would have a choice of at least three languages.

In the school of my dreams should not be arguing and fighting. Teachers should be nice, righteous and all subjects calmly explain. They should also write unnecessary comments, use blackmail and przekrzykiwać together with students.

At school, everyone would have laughed, but only with their own jokes and interesting stories. No search by scapegoats among students, which could be a laugh or tease them.

The school building should be designed with modern. Would be painted in white PVC windows and color around them dill. Entry to school pilnowałaby city guard that no one brought to the school of drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and other suspicious items.

In the long corridor would be provided door-to classes, and next to them long comfortable benches on which to sit during breaks. In the middle class would be 35 single-passenger bench, connected to each other after two.

Material from outside the lesson the teacher handbook dobierałby after prior arrangement with the class, ie if at least half the student agrees.

Gym would be equipped with high-quality sports equipment, and would reside in the school swimming pool and tennis courts. Students would have a choice of what physical education classes they want.

My dream of a school are not seen as overly ambitious, but possible to meet
today. Their rapid implementation certainly will appeal to students of my school.

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