Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Ola!
I met Tom and Eva, yesterday.Tom and Eva are my best friends. We went to dinner.We ate at our favorite restaurant " La cosa" . I ordered a dish each day - chicken in soy sauce. Delicious.Tom ordered the chicken and chips - as usual. He said that he likes fat and unhealthy eating.Eva ordered a salad and water - because it is on a diet.We talked about old times. So it was nice to reminisce.The evening was so nice that we decided to go for a walk in the park.We walked through the park one hour but Eve grew cold.None of us did not want to end your evening so we went to the cinema yet.We opted for romantic comedy.Tom ordered a popcorn and cola.Comedy was fantastic. After the film, we knew that was the end of the evening. We arranged for Saturday. That's all. To hear. Bye
Hi Ola
Krzysiek took me to Chinese restourant. We ate spring rolls, Chinese dishes. After the supper we did much thing very much. We went to a park for the walk, later we went to me, it was great. Krzysiek is interested in it what I that is with sport we had many topics very much to the conversation.