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Napisz historyjkę(po angielsku, rzecz jasna) troszke straszną, moze być o zamku w którym straszy i wgl, ale cenię kreatywność, ma być na poziomie 6 klasy !!! może się zacząć "dawno, dawno temu" albo coś w tym stylu, liczę na was !!!!!!!! daje naj :))



My scary history was happen 4 years ago, when I have 11 years old. I drive with my friends to Mazury, on 1 week. This week was very exciting. One day with my friend, we wanna go to the beach. There was very late. Road to beach was along the forest. Ofcorse we scared very much, but is nothing to was happen next. First jump next to us a strang animal, after this we heared strange voices. Then animal was gone. After we go to end this road we again heared a voice, this time it was a baby crying. Then we was looking this baby, becouse it may need some help. We were looking baby along 3 long hours and we didn't find it. We were back to our houses. Next day we heared, that a baby was kidnap in middle of night. Parent's of this baby was so sad and they were crying all the time. We were so scared, and we though thas was our fallt.
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Long, long time ago there was little girl, called Nemo. She lived with her mum and dad. They lived in big house on the village. One day her parents went for a party for other city. She had to stay alone at home for night. She was scared. She only wanted watch TV, and then go to sleep. After her favourite programme, the lights off. She thonk that maybe something wrong with electric. After that she heared strange voice in wardrobe. She wanted to know what it is, but she was too scared to opened this wardrobe. She took mobile phone and tried call for mum. There was no coverage. She took a fast shower and wanted go to sleep. In bathroom, she heared like somebody is knocking. Nemo didn't panic and slowly went to her room. Suddenly somebody took her for hair and shut up her mouth. She was really scared. In living room there is big aquarium with fish... Strange person took her had and keep it under the water... She drowned... Strange put her body to the wardrobe, but before that he sliced her body for many elements. Now you know, why she called Nemo. She haunt in this home for this time.

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