Zadanie opisówka: write any of the following compositions using 120-180 words.

1.your teacher has asked you to write a compositions describing your ideal house.

2.your teacher has asked to describe a visit to a place you will always remember.write your compositions.



I'm sure a place I will always remember would be a tropical island called Bora Bora. I guess everyone dream about lying on a gold, secluded and quiet beach and swimming in blue, clear like crystal sea. 37 There are many options spend Your free time like floating, sunburning, diving, admiring magnificent views,playing beachball or volleyball. But for sure most people go there only in order to have a fantastic rest. Morover you can visit another lands around island like Tahiti, Moorea or Tuamotu. Unfortunately two weeks in paradise costs over twenty thousands zlotys and only tiny group of "average breadeaters" can afford it.