Dear <osoba>
Czy to jest dobrze?

I'm a student medicine in poland.
Istuding medicine already 4 Years.
When I end studies i will become a good doctor.
I Live in sunny Warsaw. Warsaw is quit pretty City.
When I have free time I swim, ride a bike and eat lots of fries, crips and sweets.
My hobby is photography and i love to play basketball.
I'm writhing this letter from my great bedroom in window.
I love this place.
Love Iwona.



I'm a student OF medicine.
I study already 4 years. When I'll end studies, I'm going to become a good doctor.
Potem dobrze.;)
Nie. mówi sie I'm a student of medicine...
I'm studying...already for 4 years
I love playing basketball
I'm writing this letter in my great bedroom next to the window.
a poza tym to reta dobrze:)