"Twilight" is a thriller directed by Catherine Hardwicke which tells the story of beautiful love. The movie was filmed in 2008 but prime minister took place 2009 years. The cast is excellent. The film stars famous stars like: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

The main character of the story is 17-year-old Bella Swan, who moring to a small, bleak town in Washington state. Here, Bella meets the mysterious, handsome Edward Cullen. The boy has a superhuman ability-you crack him. The girl tries to learn his dark secrets, she does not realize, however, the case that exposes the self and her loved ones ot risk. She does not know what to do becouse it turns out that, she fells in love with vampire.

Music in the film is amazing, it added to story unique atmosphere. This film is designed especially for teenagers, but also will be appealed to older people. It is perfect story for sensitive people.

"Twilight" is magnificent. This is film that stay in your mind and you never get tired of watching it. It is well worth seeing. I can thoroughty recommend this movie.