• Użytkownik Zadane

This is a story about a big, green heating named Shrek. He wants at all costs to regain peace in his possession in the marshes, where as a result of the cruel repression of Lord Farquaad deported were different fairytale characters (such as Pinocchio, Wolf and the Seven Dwarfs). So Shrek decides on an expedition to the seat of Lord Farquaad to pick up the rights to their lands and, consequently, to recover the lost peace. The expedition is accompanied by his clumsy friend, Donkey. As a result of the negotiations are concluded a deal: In return for receiving a document Ogre undertakes to release the dragon tower of the beautiful princess Fiona, whom the Lord chose his future wife. When you reach the dragon's tower reflects Fiona and Shrek comes alive with the skirmish with a dragon. On the way back refers to the feeling between Shrek and Fiona. Unfortunately, none of them won at love confession. In the meantime, the mystery is revealed concealed by princess-Fiona only sparkles of beauty, but after sunset, consequently thrown at her charm is transformed into Ogre. Fiona, despite the feelings which he has placed Shrek decides to marriage to Lord Farquaad, who is unaware of the dark side of the coin associated with marriage to Fiona. Princess and the Ogre torn feelings and dilemmas are not sure how well behaved. As a result of the mobilization of the donkey, Shrek finally moves to Duloc (Faruqaada office) to bounce Fiona and confess her feelings. At the last minute wedding ceremonies interrupted by Shrek, Fiona offering her love, which changes permanently in the limited, but Lord Farquaad is eaten by a dragon, who freed himself from the tower. The film ends with a noisy wedding couples in love.
Shrecka the heart of the American road - a road movie. Heroes - green ogr named Shreck and talking donkey wander through a fairy-tale land, to free the princess from the dragon and cast her as a wife leniwemu Lord Farquaadowi. But at the end patterns. The dragon turns out to be female, which causes emotional complications, the prince is zakompleksiony cone, which itself podkpiwają everyone, and distributes the princess kicks to the left and right, just like the Matrix naoglądała. When they jump out of the woods Robin Hood (in his stylized fircykowatości on Eroll Flynn) should not be surprising that presents a "Roman I," and together with his gang gives a ballet show. Moreover, the very idea of reversing a fabulous pattern, making the hero of the story of the green monster, pierdnięciem (pardon) killing the fish in the pond, it is worthy of an Oscar. Known to us since childhood charming fairytale characters like gnomes, fairies, princesses here are called "mediocre differently and appear to be only a crude and noisy rabble do not know why disposing of magical powers. This wealth of malignancy is certainly sweet revenge producer Jeffrey Katzenberg of DreamWorks spielbergowskiej. Once building power of Disney, and despised by it will continue its attempts to break its monopoly on animated cartoons. A tool for revenge chose witty and uses it with fantasy, to mention earlier productions, which he put his hand producer - Antz and Chicken Run Nick Park.

A large part of the humor of this "fairy tale in reverse" is derived from the language. Here the verbal fencing masters turn out to be Shrek and his friend-not-a friend of a donkey. It's a classic couple of heroes based on the principle of contrasts - sulky bulky ogr and hyperactive, super talkative parzystokopytny. I must admit that I do not know how to handle themselves in these roles Mike Myers and Eddy Murphy, who lend voices in the original version, but hurry tell this that Zbigniew Zamachowski and (especially) Jerzy Stuhr in the Polish version dubbingowanej doing wonders, in which greatly helps them perfect, crackled with wit translation. This is the second recent case - after fleeing chickens, who told me to verify the adverse courts on the institution's dubbing.

Finally, you'll be added that the world is a land of Shrek generated entirely by computer and must admit that the filmmakers are already close to mastery in simulating the real world. Facial expressions, movement of characters and even the movement of their garments are similar to real ones. Remained even at times a stiff and artificial smoothness of the surface, but in a world of fantasy that does not interfere. Much more important is that for the first time in many months