Waiter works in restaurantes.
He carres a food and give it to people who wait for this at table.
He gives reckoning and takes a money.
He has to wear a applicable costume.

Nie wiem, czy tyle wystarczy, jeśli nie, napisz wiadomość prywatną, coś dopiszemy ;)
The most important thing in this world is job in good place. I really like talking with people and make them feel better, so in future i would like to be waiter. The waiter must be responsible and talkative person becouse he is with other people all the time. He must remember what people ordered so being waiter it's not so easy. Sometimes people also ask waiters about advice what to eat so he has to know everything about food and drinks. Waiter must be very nice and kind becouse he is the most important person in restaurant and everythnig depends of him. People must like him becouse they need attention and help from waiters.