Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
At winter holiday I went in cinema on the film " Love and dance". Film was about two young people: girl and boy. They were from diffrent world, but they were met. They were associated by famous choreografic. He was a father young, blond girl who leaves with her mother and then in the USA became famous and rich. In the USA he permised new family. For young boy he was a perfect dancer who could be a chanse for better life. Boy started dance training where he met dancer's daughter and a girl who danced with him. Girl was possesive and she wanted acquire boy. Choreografi's daughter didn't dance but she wrote an article about her father, because she was journalist.
Finally famous choreografic chose one couple, which danced in international competition. Young boy fell in love in blond girl, but she was engagement. A guy was very angry and dissapointed.
On wedding day boy abdicated from competition and he went to the church, because a guy wanted to stop the wedding. In the end film everybody was happy except groom.

Miało byc o feriach ale jest o filmie kochaj i tańcz
'I have spent vacations in this year nicely and gaily (cheerful), I have spent first fortnight of vacations at grandmother, but I have left over for on camp later sea Dziwnówka, there I have spent fortnight, I have learned many nice in this time and persons interesting < interest (concern) >. I have palled up with them very. We lived in houses all kempingowych. On beaches early < morning > walk char (sunbathe), but we left (go out) on city afternoon, as there discoes on which (who) evening (in the evening) hold (proceed) excellently entertain (play). I have returned to house near the end of august from camp. I have left in september on week with fathers (parents) upwards, there was magnificently. I walked after mountains (top), I have visited chapel of skull and I have toured Wambierzyce. Weather add all the time shine sun but sky was almost < law (as of right) > cloudless. I have spent last the rest of day in house, I faced each other in this time with my colleagues and girlfriends, I played volley-ball with them and we commuted cycles. I observed television to cloudy days or I played on computer but when there was not books read current. I have spent my vacations in this year so.''