My grandfathers name is Stefan. He is the wrong sides of eighty but he doesn?t look his age. He is a retired trader, but he served in an army for a long time. Grandpa likes to do the crosswords and eats greasy dishes.
He is a tall, skinny man with short straight silver hair and going thin on top. He has fair complexion and blue eyes. He has big nose and ears. Grandpa is very fit for his age. He has only four teeth so he has a denture.
Grandpa likes to be independent so he often argues with his wife. He is reliable, when he promises something he always does it. Grandpa is also very kind and sociable. When he meets neighbours he always has a chat with them. He is generous. He always gives me money.
I like my grandpa very much. He is a cheerful person who always smile. He is the kind of person who you can always depend on.


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Mu grandfathers name is Piotr? . My grandpa is (ile ma lat) year's old and he is wearing big glasses. He have beard and he loves hot dishes . He have short curly white hairs and have denture . He usually wears elegant shirt and jeans . It mkes him look younger . He like dogs and he really likes spending his free time with his familly . He mades very good jokes with us . I really love him . He is reliable person , when he promises something he always do it . He is a "smiley " person and he loves to laugh .

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My grandad is very fun.id like his he go with me on fish.and i play with he cheese .id love my granddad
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