Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It has made debut in 2004 year album Gosia Andrzejewicz, it has issued which (who) so called wanted source " personal " [ ] } sumptem. It accompanied group in 2005 year Ivan and dolphin during projection in (to) 50. In kiev competition of song of eurovision. It started in 2006 year with work in eliminations of competitions of eurovisions on belorussia " " Dangerous Game. It has issued allow to live in same year " " single and " word ". Next album has appeared her (it) fall, mirror, with (from) " a bit warm < warmth > " singlem. It has established (has referred) cooperation in (to) 2008 with (from) DJ-em Remo. It has recorded under nickname for three songs on its (his) plate (disc) Pearline wokal You Can Dance. From 3 october for 7 november 2008 in third editing of program of star on ice-cream (ice) take a stand dance. It has occupied 7. Place, in (to) 6 falling away. Section (period; episode). It has recorded club work on start with duet 2009 year & " " Kalwi Remi Lips, which (who) has been presented during musical trades in (to) cannes. New plate (disc) has appeared 14 august 2009 entitled Gosi Andrzejewicz Wojowniczka. Song become (stay) open first eyes " " singlem, but second (other) it carry away me - " ".

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