In teams, use phrases from the list to make If or Unless- sentences. Each correct spentence gets one point. The team with the most points is the winner.

we/miss/the bus
John/come/my party
you/help me/ the dishes

Team A S1 : If he earns more money, he'll move to a bigger house.

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We/miss/the bus→ if we miss the bus, we won't be there ob time.

they/be/late→ If they are, they will miss the begining of the game

you/work/hard → Unless you work hard, you won't get a pay rise.

weather/be/fine→ If the weather is fine, we will go out.

I/have/time→ if i have time, i will help you do your homerwork.

John/come/my party→ Unless John come to my party, I won't invite him again.

it/rain/tomorrow→ If it rain tomorrow, we will go to the cinema.

you/help me/ the dishes→ Unless you help me do the dishes, i will tell mum that you broke a plate.