1. Uzupełnij zdania czasownikami w czasie Past Simple lub Past Continuous.
a) We________(have) lunch when a strange thing _________(happen).
b) I _____ (look) for my mobile when I ______(find) ƒ5 in my pocket!
c) When I ______(see) John at the party, he ______(dance).
d) They ______(watch) a film when they _______(hear) an explosion.
e) When my mum _______(meet) my dad, they _______(study) at the same university.
f) He _______(run) home when his mobile _______(fall) out of his bag.
g) When Harry _______(phone) me, he ______(wait) for a bus.
h) I ____(see) your mum in town yesterday. She ____(look) for your brithday present!
i) They ____(play) very loud music, so the neighbours ____(call) the police.
j) When I ____(find) my homework, the dog ___(eat) it.
k) She _____(carry) three bags when one of them _____(break).



had happened
looked found
saw danced
watched heart
met studied
ran fell
phoned waited
saw looked
played called
found ate
carried broke
2 1 2
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A) was having , happened
b)was looking, found
c)saw, was dancing
d)were watching, heard
e)met, were studying
f)was running, fell
g)phoned, was waiting
h)saw, was looking
i)was playing, called
j)found, was eating
k)was carrying, broke
4 2 4
A) 1 . have had 2. happened
b) 1 have looked 2.found
c)1. saw 2. has danced
d) 1. have watched 2. heard
e) 1.met 2. have studied
f) has run 2.fell
g) 1. phoned 2. has waited
h)1. saw 2. has looked
i) 1. have played 2. called
j) 1.found 2.has eaten
k) 1.carried 2. has broken
2 1 2