Cassandra is a character from Greek mythology.She was a Trojan princess a daughter of King Priam.She lived about 1200 years B>C>One day Cassandra met the god Apollo and he fell in love with her."you are so beautiful"cried Apollo."Iyou kiss me,you"ll get a special gift from the gods"."What gift?"asked Cassandra."If you look into the future,you will know what will happen"answered Apollo.Cassandrw kissed Apollo and she got the special gift.But then she ran away from Apollo.He got very angry.Listen,Cassandra,"he said."Iyou don"t love me,I"ll punish you.I can"t take the gift from you,but I canchange it.If you tell people what will happen,they won"t believe you and they will laugh.This is my punishment."Soon,a long war started between the Greeks and the Trojans.After ten years the Greeks found a way to get into the cityof Troy.They built a huge wooden horse and put it in front ofthe city .The Greek ships sailed away.Cassandra warned her people:"If you let the horse in,the city will be in danger" ,but nobody belived her.The Trojans let the wooden horse into the city.They didn"t know that there were Greek soldiers inside the horse.When the Trojans were asleep,the Greeks attacked them and won the war.

Zad.1 Complete the text with the right form of the verbs in brackets.
a)If you.......(not study),you...........(not pass) the exam.
b)We............(go) to London for 6 days if we ......(win) the competition.
c)If you .........(look) in the fridge,you ......(find) some ice cream.
D)Jane .......(not come) to the party if Mark .....(not be) there.
e)I .........(lend) you my umbrella if it ..... (rain)
F)Mike ..... (help) you ........(have) any problems.



A)If you don't study,you don't pass the exam.
b)We will go to London for 6 days if we will win the competition.
c)If you will look in the fridge,you will find some ice cream.
D)Jane won't come to the party if Mark won't be there.
e)I will lend you my umbrella if it rains
F)Mike will help you have any problems.
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