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Dear Paul,
Thanks for your last letter. When I reading it I can't help laughting. You have so fanny live.
Anyway, what are you doing for your summer holiday? I'm going to bieszczady with my best friend patrycja. We're sleepin in the tent and treking in the mountains. It will be greate and I'm looking forward to holiday. We leave in july and befor that we could meet. I don't see you so long and J think I visit you in seccound weekend on June. I hope it's good idea. We will be able spend some time together and finally talk.
We could also meet in August but I don't know what my parents want to do then. If you're having any plans on this time or any problems with my visit, call.
I can't wait for our meeting. Kiss your mum from me.

Hello Tom,
How are you? I hope everything is ok. I am writing to ask you what are you going to do on the next holiday? I am going to spent them at home. Maybe you will come to me?