I finished my lessons and back to home. At first I did my homework. I always do it when I back from school. Next I run my computer and played computer games. I seldom play computer games, but on friday I have a lot of free time. In the friday evenings I often watch TV with my family.

When I got up on saturday at first I brushed my teeth and ate brekfast. In the saturday mornings I always go shoping or meet my friends. I backed to home for dinner. Next I tidied my room with my younger sister. She likes tidy room with me. In the evening I watched with my family TV show "Mam Talent!". I'm very keen on this tv show so I watch this every saturday.

I got up at 9.00 am and at 11.30 am I went to the church. When I backed to home, dinner was finished. After dinner I always answer my e-mails and surf on the net. On sunday I always go sleep very early, because on the next day I should get up at 6.30 am.
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