1. Don't smoke in public places - big fine.
2. Pick up any ''poo'' from your dog - big fine up to £1000.
3. Drive on the left hand side if you don't want an accident.
4. Always buy bus tickets at the entrence of the bus.
5. Press the ''STOP'' button if you wan't the bus to stop on the next bus stop.
6. Don't use the TV if you haven't bought the TV licence.
7. Carry a dictionary with you if you don't know English.
8. Be nice to people.
9. Don't be rasist English people very dislike that.
10. If you go to a English school you first have to go to registration in the morning and after lunch break (50 mins) not just to lessons.

Nie gwarantuje poprawnosci ortografi angielskiej.
Markus O.
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