Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One evening I went out with my friend Kuba for a quiet meal in a country pub. We left at 9:30 and I offered to take Kuba home. We were driving along when, suddenly a car drove past us out of control. The car crashed and after that it burst into flames.
First we ran to the burning car. When we got there, we saw 3 people trapped inside. They were screaming and we knew we had to get them out. It was incredible hot as we opened the doors.
The driver was sitting inside, unconcius. We got him out and then went back for the oders people. I had to climb over the front seats to get to them. Surprisingly they were able to walk away from the car. Meanwhile some people who were watching from a nearby campsite called the emergency service.
In the end I was standing there in a state of shock when a policeman asked me for my name and address. I couldn't remember. I don't thing we did anything extraordinary but the police presented us with ceritficates for our bravery.
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I was on holiday in egypt with my 2 friends Marta and Natalia and my family.We visited the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum. We decided to go to the market.In one of the shops I bought some Egiptian pictures ,and in the next shop We saw a little white wooden dog and a black wooden cat. Natalia like cats so she decided to buy the black wooden cat . The man in the shop has said to her: ,,that's a very old cat, Be very careful with it''. Natalia bought the cat and went to the hotel. In the evening Natalia put the cat into the suitcase. That night I couldn't sleep. The Egiptian cat appeared in my dreams His eyes was yellow and angry. The next morning , when I woke-up I saw the the cat on the floor near my bed. But after I tought that Marta and Natalia wonted to make me a joke.So I asked them about that. Girls were surprise and ansvered : No !!
The nextnight Marta had the same dream and a night later the cat appeared in the dream of Natalia and each time the wooden cat stood near the bed of this person Who had the dream. One day before We got back home Natalia,Me and Marta got stuck for 4 hours in the room of game .In the end one of the worker of he hotel heared us and saved Me,Marta and Natalia . When we cept the room of the game we saw the wooden cat near the door. We was scared ! how was it possible ? Ithink , that wooden cat has power.

THE END :) mam nadzieje że sie spodobało :)
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