I have perfect holiday when I can go with my parents or friends by the sea.I love swiming in celest water and watching a lot of kinds of fishes underwater.On this holiday I want sunbatching, playing football and going partys.On perfect holiday I want to meet nice girl and have contact with her then.When I come back with this travel I want to lie on my bed and listening music. It's not end. It's perfect when I can sleeping very long, when I am meeting my friend. When we meet on my face is always smile. We have fun together. I am so hapy when i have possibility to rest but i am not talking about watching tv I am thinking about real rest. I am resting real when I am sleeping a lot I haven't problems when I am happy and I am feel so relaxed. And what is the most important I won't washing dishes, cleaning my room and doing lessons. I am dreaming about this kind of holiday, when I don't have to to do something and i can only resting :)
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