Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Hello Lan!

Im so happy that u wanted to help me when im in Rome.
Everythnig it's great. I live in very nice Hostel with my friends. Last night we had trip to Rome's thearte and it was amaznig i saw many interestnig things and met new people from Roma. Italy it's really beautiful country I wish you could be with me. I wanted to ask how is my dog? Did you give him food as i told you before? I hope everythnig it's ok. I thought that maybe on Friday i will call you and we will be able to talk a little more. Take care and have a good time.

Greatings from Rome

2.Hello Cindy

How are you? I hope you are doing well. Lately i didint have much time to write becouase i changed tte place where i live. Now i have beautiful flat in centre. My home is so big now i have huge livingroom, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and kitchen. My bedroom is amaznig i loved my desk and big bed and also i have cute rug. I would like you to come here in holidays plis let me know if it is possible. It would be great to show you my home and town.

Kisses from Poland

3. Dear aunt

I hope everythnig with you it's ok. I just finished my exams in Poland. I passed all so im very happy and calm now. I thought that it will be more dificult than it was. I didint have any problem with exams becaouse it was really easy and also i used to study so hard last months. My flight will be on 24th September at 15.30 from Wrocław. I wanted to ask what can I do to be ready. Shall I take somethnig with myself or maybe do anythnig before i go? Maybe you want somethnig from Poland? Im open to your idea, so let me know if you want anythnig.

Kisses from Poland

4. Hello guys!

Happy Christmas! I wish you best persents and beat time with family during Christmans. Hope you to see first star in the sky on Christmas Eve. We are very good and just waiting till biggest day. We also have new friend. His name is Czarek and we got him from friends. It is a male dog, he is so cute and i really loved him. Waht i wanted to say it's that i passed first exam to university so im very happy. Another exam i will have in February. I thought that maybe you can come to Poland in summer holidays? It would be great to show you some place in my country.

Best greetings from Poland

5. Hello Nick!
Happy birthday! Best wishes for you! I hope you will get many presents from family and friends. Will you make a birthday party? I think it is a very good idea because u can invite many people, have great time and talk with them. I sent somethnig special for you. In post office the told me that u will get present on Monday so be patient and wait the best present in your life. I would like to invite you to Poland. It would be the best if you could come here and see many places in my beautiful country.

Kisses from Poland
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Hi Ian,
Greatings from Roma! I saing in privet guesthouse, in town centre.
How you deal with me sweet dogie, i hope his not to tormenting.
I would like to talk with you, may i call next Finday something about 2 p.m.
Best wishes xxx

Hi Monic
Like you know i moving to new place.Is not big flat but i glad for this. The flat is situated in center of my town. Im decorated my room in new fashion colour so i really proud of this. I'm want to invite you for next summer.

Hi aunty
I'm just pass my mature exam wasn't be so hard. I have a flight next sunday. Do i have to do something before i will live my country, maybey i can take somethink from Poland.

See you next sunday cheers

Hi there

Best wishes for christmas. For few weeks i have new person in family is a dog Myllie. And i pass my entrance exam for medicine university. And would you like to to spend next summer with us.

So Greathings and have a good christmas

Hi tom

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