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my name is (twoje imie) im (wiek) years old. i from poland and i live in (miasto).my favourite color is black. i interesing sports, books and films. my favourite sports is football and voleyball but i love swimming too. i come to trening every monday. i chave two sisters iza and ewa.. they are twince. in future i will be informatic becouse i love computers.
Hello. My name is ......... . I`m .... years old. I have (long/short) (brown/blond/red/black) hair. I`m (hight/short). My eyes are (brown/black/green/blue) . I like ......... . I`m interesting of ........ . I hate ........... . I think I`m nice, friendly and pleasant. People like me, but I`m not perfect. I`m (irritating/impatient/lazy).
I am a nice person.
I am a beatiful. xD
I have got a brown hair.
I have got a blue eyes .
I have got small nose.
I have got small ears.
I am a good person .
Nie wiem tyle wystarczy ? xD