My holidays were great. I played very well. I went to the pool, I met up with friends. The parents traveled a few forays outside the city. I visited family and cousins, whom I have not seen a long time. I was in Spain, oh what are there views. What was happening is not to describe. This time I was there, what am I these days and 8 days in Paris and Italy in the amusement park. This is it. Every vacation should be like. I recommend this to any holiday abroad. Because nobody knows what could happen there. These discussions with the Spaniards is something incredible. Spain very well treat the Poles. Going to get along well with them. Sometimes even say something in Polish. That's when we were full of admiration and delight. But are very stubborn and persistently. Water in the Mediterranean is so pure that one can still see the bottom of the deep. Temperature reaches about 8 am there for about 26-28 degrees.

to tak w skrócie xd ;).