Chodzi o opis swojego miasta.Napisze po angielski cale polecenie
Write a description of the place where you live.Write five paragraphs.Answer the questions in A int he right order.

A.What's it famous for?
What's the weather like?
What's the best thing about it? Do you like living there?
Describe you home town.
Where do you live? Where is it? How big is it?

Z góry dziękuje i Pozdrawiam.



Napisz opis miejsca, w którym żyjesz(mieszkasz).

1. What is famous for?
There are large buildings and medieval churches

2.I like the rain.

3.I like then play the volleyball.Jes, I do.

4.My town is small.In my town are 2 churche, Bank, and the chemist.

5.I live in Kostrzyn. Kostrzyn locat in the north.This is small town