Dam najlepsze xd napiszcie dialog 2 osobowy.ponizej macie polecenie i potrzebne informacje
Work in pairs.Write dialogues between a foreing tourist who has just arrived in New York and different people that the tourist meets.Practise the dialogues and perform them for the class.

The tourist has never been to New York before and she has lots of problems.

First she is at the aiport and doesn't know which bus she needs to take to Manhattan.

Her bags are heavy.so she needs some help with them and she is hungry but she doesn't know how the sandwich machine works.

When she gets to Manhattan,think of some more problems that she might have.

Trzeba jeszcze dodać jakieś dwa proglemy.



(On the street, a young girl who has just arrived to New York asks a passerby for help)
- Good Afternoon! Excuse me, It's my first time in New York and I'm completely lost. Could you tell me what bus I should take to get to Manhattan?
- Of course, I think it's the bus on the second platform.
- Thank you very much!
- Ooo.. I see your rucksacks are so heavy.. Shall I help you?
- If you were so kind that would be great! ..Yyy, but maybe first you could help me buy a sandwich. I can't use this sandwich machine.
- OK, you have to put money in and push the button. It will give you the sandwich then.
- Thanks a lot!

(One hour later on Manhattan) :
(Now she meets an older woman on the street of Manhattan)
- Good Afternoon.
- Good Afternoon.
- Could you tell me the way to Victoria Hotel, please?
- Yes, you have to go straight for a one hundred of meters, then turn left on the crossroads. It's over there.
- Oh, I see.. Thank you!

(Few minutes later, the reception of Victoria Hotel)
- Hello! I'd like to get a single room for two days. I came here for business trip. I want it only to be calm and quiet. It doesn't have to be very comfortable. I heard from my friend that you got such interesting rooms for a low price. Haven't you?
- We have, but unfortunately there are only apartaments free. The daily cost of such an accomodation is 100$.
-Oh Jesus.. I haven't got so much money.. My God, what should I do?

:) ..dodatkowe 2 problemy to to, że nie zna drogi do hotelu, a drugi że nie ma wystarczająco pieniędzy na wynajęcie apartamentu :)