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My favourite food is pizza, because it's delicious.It's made of cup of warm water, three cups of flour, olive oil, and salt and yeast.First put warm water into a bowl.Add salt and mix.add yeast, mix it and put it aside for about 10 minutes.Add flour, and olive oil and start mixing it fut it aside for another hour put an it some tomato souce.Bake the pizza in the oven at 200C about 20 to 25minutes :)
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No to opisuję pizzę...

My favorite dish is pizza on a thin batter. Mostly I like pizza with mushrooms and onions or with lots of cheese. Very good addition is olive or ketchup. I like parmesan cheese, in my opinion is the best cheese. I always add it to my favorite pizza.

Do Sylwii na górze : nie ma tu mowy o PRZEPISIE na pizzę -.-'
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The pizza on the coarse cake has the yellow colour he contains the dive, and cheese, a nice colour has tomatoes, pineapple and the tomato sauce and most importantly she is very tasty