What a day! Well, that is over. The school - very badly: I grabbed up two singles, physics and biology. The physics are not really learned, but if the teacher can insert pałę for bad behavior in class? It can not! It was unfair. Of course, that I did not hear what he says, "parrot" because Magda brought a new directory and Avon dyskutowałyśmy just a lipstick color, when a teacher tore me to answer. But I could write out the behavior, not a one of the subject. The more that is the third. Per week is meeting with parents and will again be preaching and a barrier: the departure, or on the Internet, or on favorite series ...

Why did the young man has to endure so many restrictions? All interfere at me: teachers, parents, even that stupid neighbor from the five think that they can pay attention to me, just because it is old. When finally I could have my own life and no one will be seized, "my daughter, odrobiłaś lessons?" "Smith! It is not appropriate attire to school "," Eve, I tell parents that paliłaś ". Button as they are all celebrating!

But the worst happened in the afternoon. I saw them, and went into the estate, such gazing at each other and laughing ... Till me heart zakłuło! He, my dream, dream, unique, wonderful and unique and this ... After returning home popłakałam with despair, and my mom even made a scene, that potatoes are not peeled ... Completely, as if these potatoes were important to everything that happened!
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Co za dzień! Dobrze, że się skończył. W szkole - fatalnie: złapałam aż dwie jedynki, z fizyki i biologii. Z fizyki rzeczywiście się nie uczyłam, ale czy nauczyciel może wstawić pałę za złe zachowanie się na lekcji? Nie może! To było niesprawiedliwe. Oczywiście, że nie słyszałam, co mówi "Papuga", bo Magda przyniosła nowy katalog Avonu i dyskutowałyśmy właśnie o kolorach szminek, gdy nauczycielka wyrwała mnie do odpowiedzi. Ale mogła mi wpisać uwagę z zachowania, a nie jedynkę z przedmiotu. Tym bardziej, że to już trzecia. Za tydzień jest zebranie z rodzicami i znowu będzie kazanie i jakiś szlaban: na wyjścia, albo na Internet, albo na ulubiony serial...

What in the day! Okay, ended. At school - unfortunately: I caught as many as two single rooms, from physics and biology. From physics indeed I didn't study, but whether the teacher can put the F for the misbehaviour oneself on the lesson? He cannot! It was unfair. Certainly I couldn't hear what the "Parrot" is saying, because Magda brought the new catalogue of Avon and we discussed exactly colours of lipsticks, when the teacher called me up to the board. But she could for me write the attention down from the behaviour, rather than the number one from the object. The more so as it already third. There is a meeting with parents in a week and there will be a sermon and some gate then again: to exits, either to the Internet, or to favourite series...
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Postcard from the diary

Wednesday, July, 1755.

My dear diary,

Today I consider to be extremely crazy! It happened so much that you would write about it story or art, what may one day come. And everything, of course, by that immature male Source, Which fell to me on the head like bears to beehives! But successively started with my uncle, dear old man, who considered the issue for my husband, or his own marriage with Mrs. Podstolina. He chose the latter option - and sent with his arm in a certain Konkury Papkin. Papkin meanwhile fell in love with me, and I, as you well know, after all, I love only my Wenceslas, so little ruse has divested his proposal of marriage (Papkin not Wenceslas), and the ruse was so devilish that it has decided to withdraw Papkin cancer.
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