Napisz pocztówkę z kursu językowego w Hiszpanii do kolegi z Anglii
1, napisz gdzie jesteś i dlaczego zdecydowałes ten kurs
2,napisz dlaczego jesteś zadowolony i podaj powód
3,napisz co najbardziej podoba Ci sięna kursie i w Hiszpanii
4, napisz kiedy wracasz.



Hi Tom, I am in the Spanish language course. I decided to make it to go after the many positive comments from colleagues. I am happy because we have classes there with the best teachers of English in the world! We have a variety of fun, solve language games on laptops and participate in many conversations. I liked the most is that there is a very pleasant atmosphere. Everyone here is smiling. In spain is very warm and beautiful buildings surrounding us. I'll be back September 1, the start of the school year:) Greetings Malwinka:)
Hi Tom!

Im writing to you from sunny Spanish. I came here on Saturday evening. I decided to come here becouse i really liked one of language's courses. I live in very nice hotel and also close to sea. Im really glad because teachers here are so friendly and kind for everyone and i met many new friends here from different countries. The best thing for me is that i can speak and learn more Spanish without any problems because people here are really helpfull. I will be back on 24th August so i will write you soon from home.

Best wishes