Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
M: hallo, how can I help you?
E: I need some new shoes.
M: What kind of shoes?
E: I think the trainers.
M: Ok. There are some shoes.
E: How much is that?
M: 20£
E: Can I try it on?
M: Yes, of course.
E: I take them. Can I pay by credit card?
M: Sure. Thanks for shopping
E: Bye, bye

Customer: Good Morning !
Shop Assistant: Good Morning. Can J help you ?
C: I’m looking for blue jeans.
SA: What size are you ?
C: Medium.
SA: One moment . I’ll find your size.
Here you are.
C: That’s great ! Can I try it on ?
SA: Yes of course.
C: Where is changing room ?
SA: Changing rooms are over there.
C: Thank you !
SA: Is the size right?
C: They are a bit too short.
Is there a largeness?
SA: Of course I am already giving.
Here you are.
C: Thank you.
They should be good but just to be sure I will try on.
SA: So I am inviting into the changing room.
C: This jeans is perfect.
I’ll take them
SA: I’m inviting into the cash desk.
C: Can I pay buy credit card ?
SA: Of course
Please write the code pin and to press the green button.
C: And green button?
SA: Yes.
C: Please
SA: Thank you.
I’m inviting again and I wish the nice day
C: Thank you and good buy.
For you Magdalena is entering to the shop of blouses - good day! The seller is answering you: - good day! To help with something? - At the moment not. For you Magdalena is examining various blouses, sweaters and is saying: - excuse me! - So? What's the problem? - I wanted to ask how many this top costs. - 54 - at the moment thanks. Mrs disappointed Magdalena with price of the beautiful blouse is diverging in quest other blouses. After a few minutes he is asking: - how much is this? - 35 - I will ask. For you for the seller I am stamping the blouse and I am packing into the carrier bag: - I ask. I am inviting again! - He thanks. Goodbye! For you Magdalena walked away happy from one's purchase...

Tylko tam gdzie masz kreseczki zaczynają się dialogi więc uważaj żebyś się nie pomylila :))