I describe to you my hobby. It is the volleyball. I love this game very long time. This is a team sport, involving two six-team. In every one striker, attacking, two middle and two receiving and libero - staying on the field but only six players, libero changed most of the center, where the team ploy. The game is to bounce the ball any part of the body (usually hands) so that it flew over the net and hit halfway belonging to the enemy. Each team can perform three reflection - reception, exhibition and attack. Each subsequent is a mistake. The game is played until one team wins three sets. In each competition goes on to win 25 points with at least two advantages. At 24:24 a result of the game takes place "on the edge" - until one team reaches the two-point advantage over the other.
My hobby is volleyball. I really like this. It' s very interesting sport.
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Mam na imię ... .
Mam .... lat
Mieszkam w...
Ja pochodzę z Polski .
Ja lubię grac w siatkówkę , która jest dla mnie wszystkim
Moim hobby jest muzyka
Interesuję się ( np. tańcem )
Ja jestem ... np. ( miła , sympatyczna , głupia , pewna siebie , muzykalna ,
wysportowana , smutna , wesoła ,
Ja lubię rozmawiać z przyjaciółmi .
Ja lubię święta z powodu śniegu i robienia bałwana .

my name is ... .
I am .... years
I live in. ..
I come from Polish.
I like to play volleyball, that is all for me
My hobby is music
I'm interested in (eg, dance)
I am ... eg, (nice, nice, silly, self-confident, musical,
athletic, sad, happy,
I like to talk with friends.
I like holidays because of the snow and make a snowman.
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