Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Adam!
It's (twoje imię) here!
How are you? I'm fine :)
I feel really good, because few weeks ago I had started a new program, which was promoting in my school. It called: ,,Care about your health''.
I started running and I eat only fresh food - vegetables and fruits!
It's really fantastic! I feel better than one month ago!
Please, check it on this page: www.careaboutyourhealt.com :)

(twoje imię)
Dear ABC,
How are you? Hope you're fine. I'm sorry I haven't written for so long, but I had a lot of duties.
I'm writing to let you know, that I've been on a meeting recently which was about healthy lifestyle. It was conducted by Jennifer (my PE teacher) and the meeting was on 7th March in the Culture Centre. We were talking about healthy food and what we should to do stay fit.
At first, Jennifer told that if we want to look fil we should follow a sensibile diet and avoid eating fatty food.
Secondly, she suggested working out in the gym and drinking a lot of water every day.
I think that she was right and I'm going to follow her clues.
Well, that's all my news. Do drop me a line soon.
Best wishes,