The book "A Christmas Carol" tells the story of a lonely skąpcu Scroogu, who like every Christmas, he had to spend in his Kantor because he is a holiday invented by madmen and fools who are not able to get anything in life. Christmas is not treated particularly seriously.

Scrooger each day as she sat in her Kantor, but this day was not so simple, it was the day before Christmas. Every year, his nephew tried to invite him for Christmas but failed to convince him that Christmas is Scroogera most beautiful days in our lives and that we should not treat them with indifference. That day in his zawitało Kantor two men who collected money to buy food for the poor, but messed up and did not receive from our wealth of character.

Srooger returning to his home on kołatce saw something strange was the face of his old friend Shlomo, who died before 7 years ago, Scrooger thinking about what he saw, he thought that it has provided for him, and went to his house. That evening, when Scrooge sat after work before a barely lit fireplace with a bowl of porridge revealed to him the spirit of the deceased Maryla. Scrooger not know whether to believe it or not. Maryla talking with our hero tried to explain to him that the money is not everything, that if Scrooger will not change after his death will be pulled behind a heavy chain as himself. Shlomo told him that he has the last chance to improve that for the next three days will reveal to him the three spectra.

He slept in his bed, suddenly woke him one of the three spirits. This was the figure of a woman. She introduced herself as the Spirit of Christmas Past. Scroogera caught and together will fly through the window of the bedroom. Showed him the town, which was once raised. Spirit showed him his holidays spent alone in the dark, empty room, and those when it came, in fact, the now deceased sister, who took him to a real home.

Moments later came the second ghost of Christmas past, who showed him how he spent Christmas Eve, Bob Cratchit and Timi gravely ill son, who could not live for next Christmas. Scrooger understood that he was very bad and that the employer must change their behavior and begin life again. Scroogowi it became very sorry and embarrassed that he knew nothing about his family and the child's disease.

Scroogera third visit to the spirit - of Christmas Present, which was intended to show him his death. His body was carried to the grave with the inscription on the coffin as Ebenezer Scrooge and his only one man-his nephew. After this unpleasant incident Scrooger was so terrified that promised to improve his character and that he would respect the people and their relatives,
When Scrooge awoke in the morning in the Christmas Eve morning just had to buy napotkanemu boy what is the biggest turkey in the shop and bring it to his employee Bob. Along the way, he gave some money to the poor, and bought a lot of gifts for children Cratchit. And then he went to the home of his nephew on Christmas Eve supper.
The next day, in Kantor raised his staff began to pay wages and treatment Timiego began to go to church. And most importantly he began to celebrate Christmas.

With spirits Scrooge changed their behavior and thus also changed their future.