What's going to happen? Write sentences using the verb in brackets.
1.There are a lot of black clouds in te sky.
(It/ be sick)
2. Benny never does his English homework.
(He/not pass the English test tomorrow)
3. Hannah eats chips every day.
(she/ get fat)
4.They're at the beach but it's very cold.
(They/not swim)



1. It is going to be sick.
2. He is not going to pass the English test tomorrow.
3. Hannah is going to get fat.
4. They are not going to swim.
128 4 128
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.It is going to be sick
2.He is not going to pass the English test tomorrow
3.Hannah is going to get fat
4.They are not going to swim
32 2 32